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Darren Phillips Project

Melodicrock Records is proud to announce the signing of The Darren Phillips Project for the release of their upcoming album Volume Two.

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The Darren Phillips Project began in May 2016 whilst its namesake was hosting his own melodic rock radio show in Sydney Australia. 

Darren began interviewing band members and the conversation soon turned to their mutual love of songwriting. A lot of artists requested, that he sends some demos their way. The response was, that they should work together on something. So, the ‘Darren Phillips Project’ was born!


    JOEY AMENTA                           THE J.A. SESSIONS

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MelodicRock Records is proud to have Joey signed to the label and this is the very first instalment with more to come. The original cover was designed by Laneway Music back in 2009 but, wasn't released on CD. Now in 2020 Melodic Rock Records commissioned Dave Ashman to re-design the cover and it came up a treat.

The J.A. Sessions were recorded at GM Sound Studios Campbellfield Victoria Australia in 1993, when it was still a Cabinet making business.

Years later in 2009 the tracks were only made available on digital platforms via Laneway Music, when the internet allowed such things.


Taste - We All Stand Up

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MELODICROCK RECORDS are pleased to announce the signing of Australian 70's rock royalty TASTE, launching with brand new single We All Stand Up , available now on all digital retailers, and a new album to follow. Taste have a prestigious history ranging from their time performing as John Farnham‘s backing band, the boys finding a huge following on TV show Countdown, having their hit Boys Will Be Boys used as pre-concert music for Queen and a subsequent offer to tour with them in the U.S, to their comeback and arguably strongest albums yet in Life On Earth and Rock Is Dead, and we are honoured to be a part of it. MelodicRock Records will also handle physical distribution of their latest three releases Life On Earth, Rock Is Dead,  and The Best Of Taste (remasters), as well as their soon to be reissued back catalogue. 



style="text-align: left;">We All Stand Up reflects the more melodic side of the band, a hooky anthem-like song that you’ll no doubt be hearing at sports venues across the nation before too long. - Vents Magazine

Full Review:

"We All Stand Up is the kind of the song that has wide appeal; indie flavoured with streamlined melodic flourishes, the song will be equally at home on the commercial airwaves as it would on the more specialised stations." - Remington Magazine

Full Review:

Ken Murdoch’s voice ascends to the heights at just the right moments, the contemplative verses, the rousing chorus, and guitar extraordinaire Joey Amenta harnesses his acute sense of graceful precision to clothe the track in a blazing show of efficiency and finesse. - BMA Magazine

style="text-align: left;">Full Review:

This is a big, contemporary sounding pop-rock track that is just the panacea people need to hear, it has heart and soul and just a little of that old glam magic. - Hush Hush

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