Flowers And Lies

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Price:  $20.00

Flowers And Lies

Item Code: MRR163
Price:  $20.00

 Kaiser and the Machines of Creation

'Flowers AND LIES'

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Newly signed band from south Australia 'Kaiser and the Machines of Creation' have a distinctive style that Rocks like no other.

KMC3 has been around since 2017 in its present line up. Paul Kaiser - Vocals, Guitar Steve Anderson - Bass Matt Redmond - Keyboards Simon Timoschenko - Drums KMC3 is a modern rock band, playing pop rock through to eclectic metal. "Flowers and Lies" the latest release on Dec 23 2020, can also be heard on Spotify and Soundcloud. Also find for all the latest information. Official video release of 'Flowers and Lies' 13 Dec 2019. "Flowers and Lies" can be purchased here...

KMC3 is;

Vocals & Guitar: Paul Kaiser

Bass: Steve Anderson

Keyboards: Matt Redmond 

Drums: TBA



Track Listing:

1. Flowers and Lies

2. Institute

3. We'll Climb The Mountain

4. In The Mist

5. It's All A Lie

6. Blown Away

7. Who Decides

8. It's Ok To Wake Up

9. Not Tonight, Josephine