Flowers And Lies

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Flowers And Lies

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 Kaiser and the Machines of Creation

'Flowers AND LIES'

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MR Records are so excited to have

'Kaiser And The Machines Of Creation'

from South Australia on the label. 



Biography – KAISER and the Machines of Creation


Originally founded in 2002 with an entirely different group of backing musicians, 'Kaiser and the Machines of Creation' 

have gone through trials and tribulations to get to here, this new beginning...

After two line-up changes, the second of which recorded the bulk of the album, 'Intraspection' in 2008, (the first line up recording 'Possession' among a host of demo's to be included on 'Intraspection'), Paul Kaiser recorded the purely instrumental album, 'Universal Mind' in 2011.


He followed this shortly after with the tribute album - 'The Ronnie James Dio Tribute Album by Paul Kaiser and Friends'.

This incorporated a bevy of Australian hard rock vocalists, recorded by Paul in his personal studio.

Around 2011, Paul met bassist, Steve Anderson and have since that time, worked towards the look and presentation that would become this 3rd incarnation.

Paul, a solo writer, had already begun prepping for the current release, 'Flowers and Lies'  but it was 2017 before he had wrapped up the writing, and had felt satisfied with the new material and it's subject matter.

The new line-up, featuring Simon Timoshenko on drums and Matt Redmond on keys, was put into place and began rehearsing for the studio.

Now 2020 and the consummate work, 'Flowers and Lies' has been produced.

Recording commenced in Adelaide over Nov/ Dec 2018 and was completed in Jan/ Feb 2019 at Ghost Note Studios, South Australia.

FV Music Blog: "...the team have done an excellent job in creating a piece of art that will stand the test  of time." 

Eat This Rock website: '" enjoyable piece of melodic metal that is strongly reminiscent of Queensryche, but with many original elements in the sound" 

The Other Side Reviews: "...a classic rock blast...with melodic guitars (and) soaring vocals..." 

WUD Records: "Wonderful song writing! Reminds us a little of Prog bands like The Enid and classics like  Bowie and early iron Maiden". 

This is 'Flowers and Lies', the debut album for this line-up of Australian hard rock sensations,

Kaiser and  the Machines of Creation


Primarily recorded in late 2018 to early 2019 with additional tracks recorded in 2020, the band is now able to bring you the physical release of the album. 

'Kaiser and the Machines of Creation' is the brainchild of Australian songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, Paul Kaiser. 

Now, in it's third incarnation, the outfit has released it's debut album, 'Flowers And Lies'.

The nine song release is an eclectic mix of soaring, melodic, hook-laden classic hard rock,

expertly blended with the  roar of the new. 

Welcome to the Machine!

Band line-up: 

Guitar and Vocals - Paul Kaiser 

Bass - Steve Anderson 

Keyboards, Grand piano - Matt Redmond

Drums - Simon Timoschenko 



Album, 'Flowers and Lies' - Info and Production Credits 

James Balderston – Engineer, Mixer - Ghostnote Studios, Adelaide - Australia Paul Kaiser – Producer 

KMC3 – Executive Producers 



1. Flowers and Lies 

Flowers and Lies is the first song the band released onto online streaming platforms once finished recording leading to much interest being generated in the direction of this incarnation of KMC3. It also  thematically drives the concept behind the rest of the album with it's sharp eyed social commentary. 

The song was mastered at Studio 301 in Sydney, Australia by renowned engineer, Leon Zervos who has worked with such artists as The Cult, Dreamtheatre and Muse. 

The band also filmed a full length music video for the track which can be found on YouTube:  

Guitar and Vocals - Paul Kaiser 

Bass - Steve Anderson 

Keyboards, Grand piano - Matt Redmond 

Drums - Simon Timoschenko 

Jennifer DeGrassi – Harmony vocals 



2. Institute 

Hard, chugging and guitar heavy, Institute is an atmospheric banger, harkening back to the shredding roots at the formation of the KMC3 concept. 

The song was mastered by Steve Smart at Studio 301 in Sydney, Australia, who has worked with 

Midnight Oil, Parkway Drive and Wolfmother to name a few. 




 3. We'll Climb The Mountain 

We'll Climb The Mountain highlights the versatility and musicianship of KMC3 with some surprises and beautiful sonics, creating an aural landscape which will bring a smile to the face and a chorus you won't be able to get out of your head for days.  

WCTM was mastered by Maor Appelbaum Mastering, in Los Angeles, California who has worked with  Faith No More, Halford, Malmsteen and a plethora of legendary artists. 

Jennifer DeGrassi – Harmony vocals 



4. In The Mist  

In the Mist showcases the hooks and musicianship that makes KMC3 so listener friendly. Middle eastern vibes inhabit Kaisers guitar work and try not to sing along to that chorus! A song or rebirth and leaving the past behind to make your soul soar. 

Mastered by Leon Zervos, Studio 301 Sydney, Australia 



5.It's All A Lie  

It's All A Lie was recorded entirely by Paul Kaiser in his studio in 2020 in the midst of mounting uncertainty and paranoia building around the globe, contributing to the biting satire of the lyrics. Recorded later than the other tracks on the album, the song also provides an insight into future elements the band will be incorporating into the mix. A dark and heavy banger which highlights Kaiser's exceptional guitar skills during the solo section of the song, and fits right in with the overarching concept of Flowers and Lies. 

All instruments, programming and lead vocals by Paul Kaiser. 

Jennifer DeGrassi – Harmony vocals 

Mastered by Leon Zervos at Studio 301, Sydney - Australia 




6. Blown Away 

WUD Records said: 'Epic scale and grand production, especially the vocal arrangements! This one reminds us a bit of Blur during their Parklife days, and Bowie (again) :)' 

You know the bands who put all their best tracks up front and then as you reach the midway point of 
the cd and you hit the filler? Here is the exception to that rule. Blown Away is chock full of monster hooks, classic rock vibes and a cinematic atmosphere that drops you right in the moment. Play it loud in a slowly accelerating car, top down, wind in the air, singing to the sky. That's Blown Away. A MUCH  loved song from KMC3. 

Jennifer DeGrassi – Harmony vocals 

Mastered by Leon Zervos, Studio 301 Sydney, Australia 



7. Who Decides 

If there is a song on the album that can said to have captured the ear of both fans of melodic hard rock and those who can take it or leave it, it's Who Decides. The love received for this track surprised the band themselves, even though it was felt they had captured the vibe of the album they were gunning for in this rollicking tune, at the time of hearing the playbacks from the sessions. Sounds great on the radio!  Big choruses, big guitars, big melancholy! And that Sax!! 

Jennifer DeGrassi – Harmony vocals 

Alex McLeod – Saxophone 

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum Mastering, Los Angeles, CA 



8. Its OK To Wake Up 

A&R Factory said: ' Bauhaus would sound if they dabbled in Hard Rock.' 

A firm favourite within KMC3 and loved by their fans who get off on the driving hard prog tinged rock,  It's OK To Wake Up has enjoyed rave reviews across social media and streaming platforms. The chorus is ear worm extraordinaire, the middle eight and solo, pure joyful excess AND namedropping Picasso, the pope and Gaddafi in the first 3 minutes? C'mon! 

Jennifer DeGrassi – Harmony vocals 

James Balderston – Tambourine 

Mastered by Steve Smart, Studio 301 Sydney, Australia 



9. Not Tonight Josephine 

Upon opening his studio archives at the end of the sessions with the band for the recording of Flowers And Lies, Kaiser happened upon this chestnut that predates the current lineup. After giving it a 2020 polish and sent to mastering alumni, Leon Zervos to sprinkle it with gold dust, it was decided that 'Not Tonight Josephine' would be a fitting closer to the album. 

Warm, lush and dripping with harmony and musical experimentation, NTJ closes the door on this era of KMC3 and the sometimes arduous journey to arrive at this spot, while heralding a bright future to come.

Paul Kaiser – Vocals, Harmony vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Programming Played and recorded, engineered and mixed by Paul in his home studio. Jennifer DeGrassi – Harmony vocals 

Mastered by Leon Zervos, Studio 301, Sydney- Australia 




Video Credits - Flowers and Lies  

Produced by Paul Kaiser 

Filmed and Edited by Jason Mildwaters – JLM Studios. 

Directed by Paul Kaiser and Jason Mildwaters.  

Executive Producers KMC3 

'Flowers and Lies' written by Paul Kaiser (c)2019 Paul Kaiser 

Paul Kaiser – Vocals, guitars 

Steve Anderson – Bass 

Matt Redmond – Keyboards 

Simon Timoschenko – Drums 

A special thank you to our very special guest backing vocalist... "Jennifer DeGrassi". 'Flowers and Lies' the song was recorded at 'Ghostnote Studios' in Adelaide Recorded by Jimmy Balderston. 

Edited by Colby Robertson  

Mixed by Jimmy Balderston and assisted by Paul Kaiser 

Mastered by Leon Zervus at Studio 301, Sydney, Australia. 

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Track Listing:

1. Flowers and Lies

2. Institute

3. We'll Climb The Mountain

4. In The Mist

5. It's All A Lie
6. Blown Away

7. Who Decides

8. It's Ok To Wake Up

9. Not Tonight, Josephine