FICTION SYXX - Ghost Of My Fathers Past - Very Limited Pre Order Special

Item Code: MRR132
Price:  $35.00

FICTION SYXX - Ghost Of My Fathers Past - Very Limited Pre Order Special

Item Code: MRR132
Price:  $35.00


'Ghost Of My Fathers Past'



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Plus an exclusive zoom Q&A session with Mark Lanoue (up to 6 customers per session).

  We asked Mark to put down a few words about this new album   

First, this release “GHOST OF MY FATHERS PAST” is our 3rd and the songs are stronger than ever. The musicianship superb and the writing chemistry is evident.
A bit of story line for the cover and release:
The cover and name hold several meanings. Ghost of my Fathers Past has to do with a trinity, if you will. The spirit of our fore Fathers, the spirit of our father that lives in us, and the spirit of God.  The man looking in the mirror is a representation of myself and my father. The mirror shows the past, the reflection that represents my father who was murdered when I was a young child, as well as the spirits of those who died so that we may live and hopefully learn from their sacrifices and mistakes. The red in the logo represents the blood shed of our fathers & mothers before us.
The songs for this album are very much in line with our times. Every song has a meaning. For that matter, everything that is Fiction Syxx has a meaning. For example; the number 6 has a significance, in that I was born on 6666, the Fiction has to do with many people miss understanding the premise and meaning of 666 versus 6666, and the spelling of Syxx comes from my favorite band from childhood Styx.
Lastly, and most of all, I am honored to have amazingly talented and cool individuals that make up Fiction Syxx and defines the Fiction Syxx Sound.  And we are honored to have the opportunity to make music for the masses and the many fans who have supported us over the years.
Peace, Love, Light & Blessings,
Mark Lanoue
Fiction Syxx is:
JK Northrup
Eric Ragno
Rory Faciane
Larry Hart
Mark Lanoue