Here Comes The Flood

Item Code: MRR040
Price:  USD$5.00

Here Comes The Flood

Item Code: MRR040
Price:  USD$5.00


1. Intro

2. Inferno

3. Rage Of Pain

4. Rest In Ruins

5. Madness And Despair

6. Time Is Fighting Me

7. Heart Of The Sun

8. Fly

9. Pure At Heart

10. Alchemy Of Truth

11. When It's Truth

12. Here Comes The Flood


JULY REIGN is an international recording project featuring Sheldon Scrivner of Missoula, Montana, USA, Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz (Domain, Evidence One, Dead End Heroes) of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and Mark Duran of Denver, Colorado.


For those that have MRCD13, you will have heard the band featured on Disc 3 with the song Inferno. Hear that below if you are new to the band.
Making its worldwide debut today is the track Rage Of Pain. Check it out!


After hearing Evidence One on Pandora, Sheldon contacted Carsten and asked him if he would be interested in collaborating on some recordings and sent him a few music samples. Carsten quickly responded and said he indeed would be interested, and the seeds of July Reign were planted.




A few songs evolved into a whole album. Sheldon and Mark's friendship and musical relationship go way back in time to the big-hair metal days of the late 80s in Phoenix, Arizona.




Sheldon is influenced by the melodic emotion of David Gilmore, the energy of Joe Satriani, the fretboard acrobatics of guitar greats like Tony MacAlpine, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, and many others. He has forged his own style of coaxing fire and passion out of six strings. Inspired early on by the hard rock guitarists of the 70s, weaned on the guitar frenzy heydays of the 80s, and energized by today's modern generation of shredders, Sheldon's playing has never been better.




Having played over the years in various bands and recording projects from the Bay Area in California to Phoenix, Arizona, Sheldon moved to Montana in '99.






Sheldon Scrivner: Guitars & Keys


Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz: Vocals


Mark Duran: Drums







JULY REIGN’s debut album Here Comes The Flood will be released worldwide by MelodicRock Records on March 23.