TASTE - Knights Of Love - Available Now!

Item Code: MRR111
Price:  $25.00

TASTE - Knights Of Love - Available Now!

Item Code: MRR111
Price:  $25.00


'knights of love'

For the very first time on CD

Available Now for just $AUD25.00


This CD will be a presented as a Gatefold Edition with 4 Bonus Tracks.

There will be a 12 page booklet with never before seen photos.


Here is a piece written about the song 'Rebecca' and some of the great things that happened around the heady times of Taste.

"Rebecca" was released as a 7" Vinyl 45 RPM in July 1977 on the Phillips Label. The video for Rebecca features the original Taste members Ken Murdock, Joey Amenta, Michael Tortoni and the world famous drummer Virgil Donati. TASTE had four Top 10 hits: Tickle Your Fancy; Boys Will be Boys; A Little Romance; and Rebecca TASTE toured with Sweet, Suzi Quatro, Status Quo, TMG, Sherbet, Skyhooks, Hush and others. TASTE were the first band to ever appear on Countdown. TASTE often played with AC/DC. Whoever had the highest chart position at the time headlined! Celebrity fans included Brian May and Freddy Mercury (Queen), Elton John, Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Angus Young, Bon Scott, (AC/DC) Lars Ulrich (Metallica) Jimmy Barnes (Cold Chisel), Molly Meldrum (Countdown), Brian Canham (Pseudo Echo), Waleed Aly (Robot Child). TASTE toured with 7 Marshall stacks (144 speakers). TASTE began as a backing band for John Farnham called Cloud Nine and changed the name to TASTE after being selected for an ice-cream ad for a newly released product called ‘Fancy’. As Cloud Nine, Ken, Michael and Virgil were resident bands on the ABC’s daily children’s show TARGET. Taste had Two Top 20 albums, Tickle Your Fancy (1976) and Knights of Love (1977). Queen invited Taste to tour the US after touring Australia and blasting TASTE’s ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ before every show of the A Night at the Opera Tour.


Taste Members are:

Ken Murdoch: Vocals, Guitar & Keys
Michael Tortoni: Bass and Vocals
Joey Amenta: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Virgil Donati: Drums & Vocals


Track Listing:

1. Teenage Anthem
2. Rebecca
3. Mainstreet
4. Long May Love Reign
5. A Little Romance
6. Boys Will Be Boys
7. Just As The Water Flows
8. Witches Brew
9. Over The Glen

10. Restless Demo)
11. Boys Will Be Boys (Demo)
12. Eat Your Heart Out (Live)
13. 3XY Chart Track

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