Days Like These - Available Now!

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Days Like These - Available Now!

Item Code: MRR154
Price:  $15.00
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Phil Martin's Drive

'Days Like These'


Available Now!


Phil Martin is a Melodic Rock solo artist from Melbourne, Australia.  He has a new six track EP out now called 'Days Like These' which runs in at just over twenty minutes long.


When he was eighteen, Phil was gigging in pubs and clubs with numerous covers and original bands, incorporating his original songs into the sets. He then continued on this journey before landing a gig with a Melbourne band named Janz when he was twenty-two. Janz went on to win the Yamaha World Band Competition in Japan 1989 against 32,000 entrants. On returning back to Australia the band was signed to CBS records with two songs charting nationally in Australia. Janz continued their gigs with original songs written by Phil and other band members, and then Janz disbanded late 1990. The new EP 'Days Like These' was born out of a personal frustration of stagnation after a hiatus from making music. "My head was filled with ideas and creations and I felt the need to release my frustrations and voice my feelings. The EP has dramatic twists and turns in intensity and its musical and melodic content.

Phil is inspired by various artists, his personal tastes are eclectic and range from seventies rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple to nineties grunge bands like Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and Nirvana. Phil Martin’s Drive project is driven by Phil himself, and the project only becomes a band when they play live gigs. I incorporate some of Melbourne's best musicians into the band to achieve this and feel very supported by these artists who are also artists within their own right, Phil explained.

His personal highlight of the EP was the ability to be able to record with his long-time friend and producer David Carr.

'Days Like These' was recorded at Rangemaster studios in Melbourne, Australia. The pre-production of the album was recorded at home and transferred over to Rangemaster studios where David Carr and Phil further produced the versions of the songs. The EP was engineered by David Carr and mastered by Martin Pullan, and the EP was in production for two years with covid19 slowing the process down. For the future Phil will continue to write music. "This is not an option for me, it is something that runs through my veins. I am always looking to improve my recording processes and am open to new ideas and am excited by the opportunities of modern technology.

I will continue and enhance my social media presence with the assistance and opportunity of the recording contract with MR Records.


Track Listing:

1. Ordinary

2. Inside View

3. Not The Real Thing

4. Fuel & Fire

5. You Are Amazing

6. Emily