The Collection/The Lost Album - Very Rare!

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The Collection/The Lost Album - Very Rare!

Item Code: SKYCD1002
Price:  $34.99
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Australia: Mushroom (2CD) - 1999

The Collection/The Lost Album is a double-disc album by Australian glam rock band Skyhooks, released in 1999.

The Lost Albumwas the result of 1990–1994 recording sessions. It was recorded by the "classic" line-up responsible for the group's first three albums. Only three tracks on the album had previously been released; "Jukebox in Siberia", a hit single in 1990, "Tall Timber" (a less successful release from 1990) and "Happy Hippy Hut" (1994). The first of these two had been included in the The Latest and Greatest compilation from 1990.

Skyhooks recorded the 'Lost Album' songs with the intention of releasing its first studio album in 14 years, but the group chose not to go ahead with this plan. Instead, Skyhooks issued the album much later, as what was essentially a bonus disc to The Collection, which featured tracks from their five 1970s albums.

Despite being released in 1999, its ARIA Chart peak came in 2001 at number 36 following the death of band member Graeme 'Shirley' Strachan.



CD 1 Track List:

  1. Living In The 70's

  2. You Must Like Me 'Cos I'm Good In Bed

  3. Balwyn Calling

  4. Horror Movie

  5. Smut

  6. Carlton

  7. Toorak Cowboy

  8. All My Friends Are Getting Married

  9. Ego (Is Not A Dirty Word)

 10. Million Dollar Riff

 11. This Is My City

 12. Mercedes Lady

 13. Forging Ahead

 14. Let It Rock

 15. Crazy Heart

 16. Blue Jeans

 17. Party To End All Parties

 18. Bbbbbbbbbbbbboogie

 19. Women In Uniform

CD 2 Track List:

  1. Jukebox In Siberia

  2. Tall Timber

  3. Tigersnake Kiss

  4. Kooyong Dollar

  5. Kickback

  6. Happy Hippy Hut




  7. My Girleen

  8. Black and White Bar

  9. 1976 Guitar

 10. Westgate Light

 11. Powdertown